TWIC Compliance using Facial Biometrics
FIPSllink TWIC Compliance software manages Facial Biometric Readers for a PACS Alternative TWIC Compliance Solution.
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TWIC QTL Mobile TWIC Validation
FIPSlink Mobile TWIC Validator is a TWIC QTL approved solutioin that is ready to go out of the box for all MARSEC levels.
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Identity One is building on the FIPS 201 standard, creating innovative next generation touchless and mobile CAC, PIV and TWIC security solutions. We register and verify identities for frictionless access and integration everywhere, protect identities from being impersonated, and secure intellectual property. We digitally verify identities for the physical and logical world.

Ready, set... TWIC Compliance

The final TWIC rule requires many chemical manfacturing faciltiies and sea ports to be compliant by May 2023. TWIC compliance can be complex to understand. Thankfully you have us, we have a range of fixed and mobile readers and software solutions that are TWIC QTL and can be deployed into your existing security infrastructure.

Face it... FIPS 201-3 is here

FIPS 201-3 builds on the old FIPS 201-2 standard and for the first time allows the face image on PIV card to be used for Registration biometric verification and Time of Access biometric verifications.  Our end-to-end FIPS 201 portfolio natively integrates face biometrics for a ready to deploy solution. Face biometrics is hygenic, touchless, and our solution including Facial biometrics will soon be FICAM certified. 

TWIC, PIV and CAC go mobile.

Register and validate TWIC, PIV and CAC on the go with FIPSlink mobile registration and mobile validation.  Need it to work offline and then synch? Need it to send a access request to PACS?  Need it to work on Wifi, Cellular or charge and sync via a dock?  Need it to validate non FIPS 201 visitor smartcards? No problem. We do all of that and more.  FIPSlink mobile range seemlessly integrates with fixed readers and your existing access control infrastructure.

Get GDPR compliance by adding Enterprise grade TLS to IDEMIA Biometric Readers.

Do your employees value the privacy of their fingerprint and face biometrics? With AutoCert by Identity One, biometric readers are seamlessly connected to Enterprise Certificate infrastructure running SCEP or EST to deliver a true GDPR compliant TLS 1.2 security infrastructure. Securing edge IoT biometric devices has never been easier.