AutoCert is an automated certificate enrollment, renewal & distribution solution for IDEMIA biometric devices including the MorphoAccess SIGMA, MorphoWave Compact & VisionPass.  AutoCert utilizes your Enterprise Certificate Authority to issue & automatically renew certificates for each of your IDEMIA biometric devices ensuring that your data is secure during transit.

By default, IDEMIA biometric devices ship in an unsecured mode, whereby any actor may remotely connect to the device and manipulate device configuration & local databases.   Furthermore, any network traffic to the terminal is unencrypted, meaning network sniffers can easily detect & capture sensitive materials such as user’s demographics, PIN numbers and biometrics.

While IDEMIA terminals can be configured to run in a secure mode, the burden of generating & distributing the digital certificates required is left to the end-user or systems integrator.   It is estimated that 90% of customer installations do not use secure communications due to the complexity and management costs involved in managing this process on a device-by-device basis.

AutoCert is a lightweight addition to your deployment that leverages the Enterprise’s Certificate Authority infrastructure to allow for the enrollment & automated renewal of device certificates.   Utilizing certificates allows the devices to work in a mutually authenticated & secure manner, meaning that only trusted actors may connect & manage IDEMIA biometric devices.   Using mutual authentication also means that a “rogue” device cannot be used to capture enterprise data from an unsecure MorphoManager Server.


  • Seamless integration of IDEMIA Biometric Devices to Enterprise Certificate and TLS infrastructure
  • Supports SCEP and EST
  • Integrates directly to MorphoManager for a single system view
  • Provides GDPR compliance
  • Supports all IDEMIA Sigma, MorphoWave and VisionPass device types