Introducing Share Istre: North Region Sales Manager at Identity One

July 2, 2024 – From the desk of Shane Istre

Hello! I’m Shane Istre, the new North Region Sales Manager at Identity One. My region covers the Northeast, west all the way to Chicago and South to Maryland.

I am positioned well for this role at Identity One. As an ARMY intelligence officer part of my focus was physical and logical security. I was able to practice these skills in real time during my combat tour in Baghdad. I was also an Army instructor, focused on counter terrorism leadership training for Homeland Security and the Louisiana National Guard. Additionally, I helped write some of the emergency response plans for critical infrastructure throughout the US as a contractor to FEMA. This experience gives me a big picture sense of security and access management and its importance to homeland security as well as an understanding of federal funding and policy development in this space.

In addition to my security experience, I bring significant project management experience. I have a PMP certification. I’ve helped to design and implement software for the last ten years as an agile Product Owner for customers at the Enterprise and federal level. This gives me the ability to identify new features and requirements in the field and to translate them accurately for our internal team.

Please reach out if you have any questions about FIPS-201, FICAM, or the TWIC final rule. If you are with a Physical Access Control System (PACS) or dealer/integrator, I am available to provide sales support during your meetings with end users who need information about any of our products and I’ll be bringing opportunities to our partners to work on together. I’m here to help so do not hesitate to contact me as the need arises.

Click here to contact Shane Istre and learn more.

About Identity One

Identity One builds on the FIPS 201 standard, creating innovative next generation face biometrics, mobile validation, temporary PIV card issuance and derived credentials for CAC, PIV and TWIC.  We register and verify identities for frictionless access and integration everywhere, protect identities from being impersonated, and secure intellectual property. We digitally verify identities for the physical and logical world. Identity One’s solutions serve physical access, logical access, IoT device management, gym & health club check-in and jail & prison biometric identity management solutions. Identity One is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.