Visitor PIV (V-PIV) is a PIV-I smart card for temporary use by people that do not have a CAC or PIV. Continue to be FICAM compliant without compromising security.


Visitor PIV (V-PIV) is a PIV-I smart card for temporary use by people that do not have a CAC or PIV. A FICAM compliant facility can confidently issue V-PIV smart cards to visitors for use with the physical access control system without compromising the compliance or security of the site. V-PIV smart cards are equivalent to HID TAC (Temporary Access Cards) with the option to add organization specific PKI customization, card personalization and printed front/back of the physical card.

Example V-PIV smart card authentication options include:

  • Contactless/Contact CHUID
  • Contactless/Contact Card Authentication Key (PKI-CAK)
  • Contact + Pin PIV Authentication Key (PKI-AUTH)

V-PIV smart cards are shipped pre-configured and ready to use out of the box.  Root and intermediate certificates are delivered electronically for configuration in the registration and validation system. If a V-PIV smart card is lost or stolen it can be revoked by the issuing intermediate certificate.

Customization and Personalization.

V-PIV smart cards can be extensively customized and personalized, including but not limited to:

  • Expiration
  • Organization specific root certificate
  • Organization specific intermediate certificate
  • Printed front (optionally front and back)
  • Pin code
  • Name, Affiliation, Organization
  • Photo (written to PIV applet and optionally printed on card)

Supported Platforms.

  • All FICAM certified physical access control systems.
  • EntryPoint, FIPSlink, Innometrics/CCure High Assurance, pivCLASS, and other FICAM certified registration and validation systems.
  • Cheetah readers, Gallagher T21 readers, Identiv TS readers, pivCLASS readers, Veridt Stealth readers and other FICAM certified contact or contactless readers.

Get a sample.

V-PIV samples can be purchased by clicking Buy Now below. Return the V-PIV sample to Identity One within 45 days from date of delivery for a refund after your evaluation is complete. V-PIV samples are $100 + $10 shipping. Shipping costs are non-refundable. V-PIV samples only ships to USA addresses.

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(Recommended for most systems.)

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