U.S. Government PIV/PIV-I Solutions

Identity One FIPSlink is designed for the unique needs of U.S. federal agencies FIPS 201 mandates to deliver reliable, integrated and next generation FICAM compliant logical, access control, physical access control and visitor identification solutions.

Contactless Biometrics

Leverage existing PIV cards with the latest contactless biometric readers from IDEMIA and IrisID.  Enrollment of contactless biometrics and management of biometric readers is directly integrated into FIPSlink allowing for rapid deployment and simplified ongoing management and administration.  Contactless biometric technologies include Fingerprint, Face and Iris. Supported contactless biometrics vendors include IDEMIA, IrisID and Veridt. 

GSA FICAM Compliance

FIPSlink is a FIPS 201 FICAM certified registration and validation system (GSA Validation System APL# 10144).  When FIPSlink is used in FICAM compliance mode all registrations, validations and time of access decisions occur  ensure a facility is operating in a FICAM compliant way.  FIPSlink registration supports CAC, PIV and PIV-I (Fed PIV-I and Non-Fed PIV-I). Registration can be completed using Windows PC’s, Android devices, iOS devices and Kiosks. The credential being registered is automatically added (or updated) into the Physical Access Control System (PACS).


Handheld Validation & Access Control

FIPSlink handheld validation and access control is a FIPS 201 FICAM compliant CAC, PIV and TWIC validation and access control solution with direct integration to physical access control systems (PACS). Each handheld device optionally emulates 1 or more doors from the physical access control system (PACS). FIPSlink automatically synchronizes Access Points, Access Schedules, Access Rights, Holidays, Credentials and People from PACS. Access logs are uploaded into PACS in real-time or stored locally and uploaded when connectivity is available.

PIV Card Registration into PACS

Register CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC cards into Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) using FIPSlink Registration. FIPSlink registration runs on Windows PC’s, Android devices, iOS devices and automated Kiosks. The registration is FICAM certified and includes card authentication, PIN validation, fingerprint and/or face biometric validation and certificate validation. After validation, the PIV cardholder and the PIV card are automatically registration into the Physical Access Control System (PACS).

Self Service Inter-Agency Visitor Kiosks

FIPSlink Kiosks for inter-agency visitors is a fully automated self-service registration, booking confirmation and arrival notification system. Visitors from other agencies use their CAC or PIV cards at the kiosk to register when they arrive. An appointment is confirmed in the visitor management system and the hosts of the meeting are notified by SMS and/or Email of the identity validation, registration and arrival of their visitor.

Visitor PIV Cards (V-PIV)

Visitor PIV (V-PIV) is a PIV-I smart card for temporary use by people that do not have a CAC or PIV. A FICAM compliant facility can confidently issue V-PIV smart cards to visitors for use with the physical access control system without compromising the compliance or security of the site. V-PIV smart cards are equivalent to HID TAC (Temporary Access Cards) with the option to add organization specific PKI customization, card personalization and printed front/back of the physical card.