FIPSlink Server Certificate Manager

FIPSlink Server Certificate Manager is the server for clients and re-validates all registered FIPS 201 FRAC, CAC, PIV, PIV-I, TWIC certificates on a policy-based compliance schedule.  Server Certificate Manager can be configured to suspend a PACS badge associated with an invalid certificate, revoked certificate or a TWIC FASC-N is on the CCL. generate alarms in the PACS and can send an e-mail to a distribution list for notification when it discovers an invalid certificate.


  • Enables FIPS 201 compliance: For validation of and registration with physical access control systems (PACS). Can update an existing cardholder record, or insert one if one does not already exist 
  • Active or passive badge suspension: Checks card certificate serial number is on Certificate Revocation List (CRL) or FASC-N is on TWIC CCL
  • Modular Solution: Provides maximum deployment flexibility
  • Operates with compliant fingerprint capture devices: COTS FIPS 201 PIV-II and ANSI INCITS 378
  • Supports multiple credentials: PIV, PIV-I, TWIC, CAC, CIV, and FRAC
  • Integrated with several fixed biometric readers: Sends certificate revocation status, TWIC Privacy Key (TPK), etc. to the fixed reader upon request
  • Integrated with industry leading Access Control Systems: AMAG Symmetry, Honeywell Pro-Watch, Lenel OnGuard, Genetec Security Center, System Galaxy