Cost Effective and Efficient TWIC® Compliance

Identity One FIPSlink is a TWIC® card enrollment and TWIC® device management software platform with turnkey integration into leading access control systems. FIPSlink enables FIPS 201 TWIC® Final Rule compliance leveraging existing physical access control system investments. No rip and replace required.

Compared to a HID pivCLASS based solution, Identity One FIPSlink is a more cost-effective and operationally efficient solution for TWIC® FIPS 201 compliance.


Security Plus

FIPSlink is specifically designed for rapid and efficient organizational compliance to the Coast Guard TWIC® Final Rule.


*Support and maintenance contract must be maintained to include access to the quarterly updates

*Charged as a daily rate and can be performed onsite or remotely by webinar



Supported Physical Access Control Systems (PACS)

Don’t see your PACS below? Contact us and we will review adding it.

Lenel OnGuard

FIPSlink adds new TWIC® Cardholders to Lenel OnGuard or existing the TWIC® Card can be linked to an existing Lenel OnGuard Cardholder.

Genetec Security Center

FIPSlink adds new TWIC® Cardholders to Genetec Security Center or existing the TWIC® Card can be linked to an existing Genetec Security Center Cardholder.

AMAG Symmetry

FIPSlink adds new TWIC® Cardholders to AMAG Symmetry or existing the TWIC® Card can be linked to an existing AMAG Symmetry Cardholder.

Galaxy System Galaxy

FIPSlink adds new TWIC® Cardholders to System Galaxy  or existing the TWIC® Card can be linked to an existing System Galaxy Cardholder.

Honeywell Pro-Watch

FIPSlink adds new TWIC® Cardholders to Honeywell Pro-Watch or existing the TWIC® Card can be linked to an existing Pro-Watch Cardholder.

Coming Soon

RS2 AccessIT

Supported Fixed and Mobile Hardware

MorphoWave Compact (No contact biometric technology for COVID-19 and Flu safety)

The MorphoWave Compact offers frictionless biometric access control to your TWIC secured areas. The MorphoWave Compact is a convenient and secure option for your facility to become TWIC compliant when used with FIPSlink.

  • Mitigates hygiene concerns (COVID-19, Seasonal flu, coughs and colds)
  • Can be deployed at any location (indoor or outdoor)
  • Built-in support for Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire cards and TWIC
  • Captures and matches 4 fingerprints with a single hand movement for superior accuracy (3D scanning provides high quality images and more data); ideal for high security applications
  • Acquisition is dynamic, high-speed and 100% touchless
  • Touchless technology:
    • easily copes with dry and wet fingers
    • no latent prints left on scanner
  • Scans all fingers on either hand in any direction
  • Robust against external light and dust

VisionPass (No contact biometric technology for COVID-19 and Flu safety)

VisionPass offers a fully handsfree TWIC compliant facial reader option enabling a high level of security and real user convenience.

  • Mitigates hygiene concerns (COVID-19, Seasonal flu, coughs and colds)
  • VisionPass can be deployed at any location: indoor (wall or gate-mounted) or outdoor (IP65 rated).
  • Efficiency in all light conditions: from complete obscurity to strong sunlight
  • Built-in support for Prox, iClass, MIFARE, DESFire cards and TWIC /li>
  • Accurate and fast – up to 30 people per minute, up to 40,000 users
  • Resistance to spoofing attempts and copes with face changes (helmet, headset, change of haircut, glasses, etc.)

Handheld Mobile

FIPSlink Mobile offers TWIC (FIPS 201) validation via ruggedized Android mobile readers. FIPSlink mobile is available with either the Coppernic C-One e-ID or the CredenceTWO-R. FIPSlink mobile is a standalone TWIC validation application with PACS integration capability for use as an access point.

  • FIP 201 Compliance for TWIC Final Rule
  • Economical alternative to competitors
  • Quarterly updates to ensure compliance with the latest TWIC rules
  • Quick and easy setup and use
  • Cellular capabilities
  • Automated Cancelled Card List (CCL) updates every 24 hours or configured to site specifications
    o Checks CCL/CRL on every run; downloads only if older than 24 hours
  • Indicates which two fingerprints stored on TWIC card during enrollment and specifies which ones are needed for biometric verification
  • Option to skip CLL/CRL
  • In case of bad fingerprint read, there are options to adjust the fingerprint matcher threshold or choose between required/optional/disabled
  • PIN Verification Requirement
    o Choose between required/optional/disabled
  • Option to ignore CHUID certificate validation failures
    o Use in case of faulty cards with valid expiration date
  • Pulling Logs: Same format USCG requires

Sigma Extreme, WR and Lite+

FIPSlink integrates and manages IDEMIA traditional contact biometric readers and next generation contactless MorphoWave and VisionPass biometric readers. With FIPSlink you have the choice of using your TWIC card or current commercial card at TWIC access point with these readers.

Sigma Extreme
The rugged and powerful SIGMA Extreme is great for outdoor use. It is specifically designed to operate in difficult environments (dust, salt mist, tough manual workplaces, etc.) and in harsh weather conditions. Whether indoors or outdoors, any one of the SIGMA readers are the perfect solution for the FIPS 201 ruling and are compatible with each other to secure any kind of use case scenario with the world’s most accurate fingerprint technology.

Sigma WR and Sigma Lite+
The SIGMA Series implements no fewer than 20 patents to master biometric identification and deliver a host of additional features, together with a refined and enjoyable user experience. IP65 rated design is compatible with Morpho and Bioscrypt existing installations.
The SIGMA WR features a 5” WVGA color touchscreen highlighting a sophisticated Graphic User Interface and fast 1:100,000 identification
The SIGMA Lite+ terminals are specifically designed to equip narrow mounting surfaces and features enhanced interactivity on a 2.8” QVGA color touchscreen


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