GSA Approved FIPS 201

GSA FIPS 201 FICAM Approved

(Coming soon – approval by GSA is expected any day.)
FIPSlink by Identity One is GSA FIPS 201 FICAM approved for 13.01 topology for fixed readers and coming very soon Mobile Handheld Validation Reader (MHVR) 14.0.2 topology. FIPSlink is the only FICAM approved* MHVR solution available for US Federal Government and US armed forces customers.

View approvals at FIPS 201 Approved Products List – Physical Access Control System Components (idmanagement.gov)

*FIPSlink MHVR certification is pending.

TWIC QTL Approved

FIPSlink by Identity One for Mobile and Fixed Readers is TWIC QTL approved. Identity One regularly tests FIPSlink against the TWIC QTL and next generation TWIC cards to ensure ongoing compliance.