FIPSlink Mobile Registration

FIPSlink Mobile Registration Client is an Android based solution that provides three-factor authentication, extracting and verifying FIPS 201 credential data and matching a live biometric against the templates stored on the card. Digital certificates are verified against the issuer’s validation authority, SCVP or OCSP responder. All cards are validated using FIPS 201 challenge-response (CAK or PAK) in order to identify forged or cloned cards. Works with all PIV, PIV-I, TWIC, CAC, and FRAC cards. After validation, FIPSlink Mobile Registration Client performs automated registration of FASC-N, photo and printed information (via FIPSlink Server) into compatible PACS. Updates a cardholder record if it already exists in the PACS, or inserts a new record if one does not exist.


  • Integrated with industry leading Access Control Systems: AMAG Symmetry, Honeywell Pro-Watch, Lenel OnGuard, Genetec Security Center, System Galaxy
  • Supported Android Devices: Coppernic C -One E-ID2, CredenceID CID2, CredenceID Tab, IDEMIA ID Screen.