IDlink is a cardless check-in using finger biometrics for gyms, healthclubs and athletic facilities.  IDlink is designed to be an immediate drop-in replacement for counter based checking in of members and simple door access control without the cost and complexity of a full access control system. IDlink is a value add-on for your existing membership management software.

IDlink is widely deployed at facilities across North America.

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  • Save Money: Cardless check-in using finger biometrics is very cost effective. Compared to the costs of issuing new RFID cards or bar codes when they are lost and the potential reduction in fraud, a cardless check-in system based on finger biometrics is often cheaper from its first day of use.
  • Save time: Your employees should no longer spend time issuing cards or reissuing lost, stolen or damaged cards. Time spent on this can disrupt the workflow of a front desk check-in situation. With IDlink you will enroll your members’ biometric information once. There is no need to re-enroll across all fingerprint scanners in your network.
  • Stop fraud: Always know who is in your club. Finger biometrics cannot be copied or shared like cards, barcodes and fobs.
  • Proven technology: Cardless check-in using finger biometrics is proven at many facilities already. This includes one of the largest health club networks in the world that consists of more than 500 locations and over 5 million members across 18 US states and 3 international locations.
  • Environmentally friendly: Cardless check-in using finger biometrics is environmentally friendly. Finger biometrics do not require the issuance of plastic cards or plastic bar codes and reduces electronic waste.
  • Happier members: Members no longer need to remember to carry their cards or barcodes with them. Your members do not need to worry that unknown people may be using your facilities. IDlink prevents fraud by using each member’s fingerprint biometrics.
  • Smarter: IDlink uses Morpho fingerprint scanners which use highly sophisticated algorithms that turn a fingerprint into a data stream called a biometric template. This highly secure form of member identification replaces old technology like bar code scanners and card readers for a more foolproof and secure method to assure accurate check-in.
  • Cloud based: IDlink is cloud-based. What does this mean for you? Every time a member’s biometric template is created at the time of enrollment, IDlink securely stores that information on our cloud servers. There is no need to store that information locally at your fitness center. We establish and maintain our own servers for ease of use and peace of mind.