TWIC Compliance with FIPSlink Mobile

Compliance in the palm of your hand

While some sites will implement fixed-reader solutions with FIPSlink, it may not make the most sense for certain workflows or sites in general. Whether the goal is to increase security by doing away with visual-only inspections, or to make a smaller site compliant with the TWIC Final Rule, here are a few ways FIPSlink Mobile can accommodate your site when a fixed-reader-only solution is not an option.


What is FIPSlink mobile for?

Spot Checks

For particularly high-risk sites, it makes sense to do spot checks of your TWIC workers. With a FIPSlink Mobile reader, it is as easy as assigning security personnel to walk the grounds asking to check workers credentials, with no mustering or extra fixed devices required!

Contractor and Deliveries Compliance

If your site is TWIC secured and takes deliveries often, it can be a pain to have to enroll new delivery drivers into your standalone system. Using FIPSlink Mobile at your delivery gate is a fast, easy way to verify a driver’s TWIC card.


Small Site Compliance

If the site in question is small, or only has one TWIC secure area, it may make more economical sense to implement FIPSlink Mobile readers instead of a full-blown permanent solution. Putting a FIPSlink mobile device into the hand of the guard who already works there will still ensure that everyone who enters that area is TWIC compliant, and the logs on the device are stored in the format required by the Coast Guard for easy archival and reference if needed.

FIPSlink Mobile is a fully compliant, standalone solution for TWIC Compliance. Features include automatic checking of the TWIC Cancelled Card List (CCL) and Certificate Revocation List (CRL), ruggedized mobile readers, and quarterly updates to make sure that as regulations change FIPSlink Mobile is always compliant. FIPSlink Mobile ensures that anyone on site has a valid TWIC Card and can be matched biometrically.