Fixed Reader TWIC Compliance


We are your TWIC Compliance experts. Identity One products are approved products on the TWIC QTL. They support a wide range of physical access control systems and multiple fixed and mobile reader platforms. Pick the TWIC Compliance components that best suites your facilities and employees specific use case. Follow the steps below to design your TWIC Compliance solution.

Step 1. Fixed or Mobile Readers?

When reviewing your TWIC compliance needs first determine if you need a Mobile reader solution, a fixed reader solution or a mobile and fixed reader solution.

  • Fixed Readers: Mounted to a wall or fence. Typically controls a door or boom gate for vehicles and people. 
  • Mobile Readers: Handheld and portable. Security personnel can carry it with them.
  • Fixed & Mobile Readers: Combine both together for a larger sites with more complex needs and a fully integrated system.

Step 2. Which Access Control System?

Fixed readers typically connect to a Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) that controls doors and boom gates.  Some fixed readers have direct dry contact relay output which may be suitable for use in your facility without a PACS. If you already have a PACS deployed we can integrate to that system. If you don’t have a PACS deployed below is a list of the recommended PACS for use with FIPSlink. 

  • AMAG Symmetry
  • Genetec System Center
  • Galaxy System Center
  • Honeywell Pro-Watch
  • Lenel-S2 OnGuard

Other option include: 

  • PACS Already deployed and installed
  • No PACS Stand-alone: Microsoft Active Directory and Dry Contact Relay 

Step 3. Select Biometric Technology?

Choose from four (4) different biometric technologies. Pick the best biometric technology that matches your needs for form factor, size, robustness, end user-acceptance and budget.

  • Fingerprint (Contact): Users touch their finger to a glass surface that reads their fingerprint.   
  • Contactless Fingerprint: Users wave their hand in front of or on top of a short range sensors that do not require any contact. 
  • Contactless Face: Users stand in front a device that uses 2D, 3D and infra-red light to perform a biometric using there face. Works with glasses and often works with masks.
  • Contactless Iris: 

Step 4. Select Reader Manufacturer

Choose the hardware vendor:

  • EyeLock
  • IrisID
  • Touchless Biometrics Systems
  • Veridt

Step 5. Where to Buy?

Identity One FIPSlink Mobile / Handheld TWIC solutions are available through physical access control distribution channels.  Enter your details below and we will connect you to the resources best suited to your system design.