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April 5, 2024 – From the desk of David Smith.

Learn about Identity One FIPSlink for Access Control, PIV/PIV-I Issuance and Visitor Self-Service Kiosks at the ISC West trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 9-12, 2024.

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Identity One has created the next generation of FIPS 201-compliant software for mobile validation and registration to PACS (Physical Access Control Systems). As a FICAM certified solution, FIPSlink from Identity One registers and validates CAC, PIV, PIV-I, TWIC and CIV credentials for U.S. Federal civilian agencies, the Department of Defense, Ports and Harbors, the Chemical Energy Critical Infrastructure Sectors and Defense Contractors.

FIPSlink use cases include:

  • Access control and access verification from handheld devices for CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC cardholders with real-time access communication from handheld to PACS and offline local cache decisions
  • Contactless biometrics enrollment (Face, Finger and/or Iris) and registration of CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC into PACS
  • Commercial card (HID iClass, HID SEOS, MiFare Classic, MiFare Desfire, Proximity etc) in PACS linked as a derived credential from a CAC, PIV, PIV-I or TWIC with all association validity
  • Contactless biometrics with CAC, PIV, PIV-I or TWIC at time of access with Wiegand or OSDP to PACS panels
  • FICAM certified registration and validation of CAC, PIV and PIV-I cards into PACS
  • Kiosk for Self Service Temporary PIV issuance for employees and contractors that have forgotten or lost their original PIV card automatically registered into PACS
  • Kiosk for Visitor self-service PIV Registration and notification to host that guest has arrived and registering into OnGuard and assigning visitor access level into PACS
  • Logical and physical convergence linking logical access control and physical access control via PACS
  • Mustering on mobile handheld devices for CAC, PIV, PIV-I and TWIC cardholders reporting into PACS
  • PIV Card issuance (Card Management System) for contractors, interns, and short-term employees automatically registered into PACS
  • Temporary PIV-I card issuance for employees needing a short-term replacement for a lost card or employees that have not yet received their credential (issued cards support logical and physical) automatically registered into PACS
  • TWIC QTL certified registration and validation of TWIC cards into PACS
  • Visitor PIV cards for use by Visitors (HID TAC equivalent)

Supported contactless biometric devices include:

  • IDEMIA VisionPass
  • IDEMIA MorphoWave
  • IrisID iCAM

Supported mobile handheld devices include:

  • Coppernic Access ER
  • CredenceID Credence3
  • HID Sentry 2
  • IDEMIA ID Screen
  • Iris ID iCAM M300

Supported PIV readers include:

  • HID RP pivCLASS Readers
  • HID Signo pivCLASS Readers
  • IDEMIA MorphoWave Readers
  • IDEMIA Sigma Readers
  • IDEMIA VisionPass Readers
  • IrisID iCAM7000 Readers
  • Veridt Stealth Readers
  • Wavelynx Ethos Readers

Supported PIV readers (FICAM certified and FICAM compliant) include:

  • HID pivCLASS Readers
  • HID Signo pivCLASS Readers
  • IDEMIA Sigma Readers (Supports TWIC only)
  • Veridt Stealth Readers

Supported PIV/PIV-I blank media include:

  • Idemia Cosmos 8.2 with ID-One PIV applet Javacard

About Identity One

Identity One builds on the FIPS 201 standard, creating innovative next generation face biometrics, mobile validation, temporary PIV card issuance and derived credentials for CAC, PIV and TWIC.  We register and verify identities for frictionless access and integration everywhere, protect identities from being impersonated, and secure intellectual property. We digitally verify identities for the physical and logical world. Identity One’s solutions serve physical access, logical access, IoT device management, gym & health club check-in and jail & prison biometric identity management solutions. Identity One is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.