Identity One Values: Making it right for one customer benefits every customer

March 22, 2024 – From the desk of David Smith

We recently installed a new port project in south central USA with one of our PACS partners.  During the installation the end user was unsatisfied because the PACS supports integrated authentication using active directory but the FIPSlink PACS Service did not expose this functionality for the specific PACS.  Because the sale was sold through a partner we didn’t know about this requirement but because the PACS supported this functionality the end user expected the overall solution would support this functionality.

Our support team lead took this to our engineering team lead and it was quickly realized that Identity One needed to get this implemented for the benefit of all involved in the new deployment.

When I heard about this I was very proud of the people and the culture at Identity One. Our people put our customers first and they go to great effort to make it right for our customers.

This is a win/win for everyone. Our newest customer is satisfied, our future customers now have this capability and our channel partners do not need to have difficult conversations.

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About Identity One

Identity One builds on the FIPS 201 standard, creating innovative next generation face biometrics, mobile validation, temporary PIV card issuance and derived credentials for CAC, PIV and TWIC.  We register and verify identities for frictionless access and integration everywhere, protect identities from being impersonated, and secure intellectual property. We digitally verify identities for the physical and logical world. Identity One’s solutions serve physical access, logical access, IoT device management, gym & health club check-in and jail & prison biometric identity management solutions. Identity One is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.