Identity One Announces the Introduction of V-PIV

ATLANTA, Ga., October 10, 2023 — Identity One, providers of the next generation FIPSlink software, announced today the release of a PIV-like credential to be used by visitors to US Government sites; the V-PIV card. V-PIV cards are shipped pre-configured to be electronically verified performing the same PKI authentication as a PIV at the door. The V-PIV is ready to use out-of-the-box. Customization options are also available. Digital certificates allow the V-PIV to be registered into FICAM PACS via any Approved Product Listed Validation System. Should a V-PIV become lost or stolen the card can be revoked by the issuing intermediate certificate.

With this announcement, Identity One addresses one of the more vexing issues associated with HSPD-12 goals; how agencies credential temporary visitors and contractors within a Federal Identity and Access Management (FICAM) compliant physical access control system (PACS). Issuing an access badge that is not provisioned per the FISP 201-3 specifications (e.g., Proximity, ICLASS, SEOS, DESfire, Mifare) for temporary visitors does not meet any of the FICAM goals.

“The V-PIV is a cost-effective solution for agencies to close the security gap associated with issuing non-PKI based access control badges or fobs for access into federal buildings,” said David Smith, CEO of Identity One.

The V-PIV can be provisioned without any printed information to be issued by short-term visitors. When the V-PIV is returned to the security office, the same V-PIV can be re-issued to other visitors. For those visitors that may need a V-PIV to be associated with their identity, the V-PIV can be provided pre-printed with a name, organization photo on a custom template.

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Identity One creates next generation FIPS 201-compliant solutions. Our signature FIPSlink software integrates into physical access control systems to authenticate public key infrastructure based FIPS 201 smart cards to improve security when an individual attempts to gain access at a secure portal. Our mission is to register and verify identities for frictionless access and integration everywhere, in order to support physical access, logical access, IoT device management and biometric identity management solutions for applications in markets such as federal government, U.S. armed forces, critical infrastructure, ports and hazardous chemical processing and storage facilities. Identity One is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. Visit