TWIC & CFATS Compliance Solution @ Energy Security Council Annual Conference 2023

May 2, 2023 – Atlanta, GA.

Identity One is exhibiting FIPSlink, our TWIC & CFATS Compliance Solution, at the Energy Security Council Annual Conference 2023 in Houston, TX May 8th to May 10th  2023. Our Solution will be available for demonstration on the show floor. 

The TWIC final rule requires many chemical manufacturing facilities and ports to be compliant and to avoid penalties. TWIC compliance can be complex to understand. We have a range of fixed and mobile readers and software solutions that are TWIC QTL and can be deployed into your existing security infrastructure. 

Identity One also enables your facility to meet CFATS compliance as well as TWIC. Our FIPSlink solution enables compliance with RBPS 12(iv). via PSP Option 3, “electronic verification of transportation worker identification card (TWIC).” With TWIC being a trusted credential issued by TSA, it allows facilities to save money and manpower since vetting is done by TSA. 

TWIC & CFATS Compliance – how we are different:

  • Touchless biometrics for verifications at registration and time of access: Use an alternative biometric (like face, iris or handwave) captured during registration and validation of the TWIC instead of fingerprint for access to secure TWIC areas and across the entire facility. 
  • Alternative credentials for access: Use standard iClass, Prox, MiFare and Desfire cards for day-to-day access control once linked to TWIC credential 
  • Mobile validation & registration: Register and validate on Windows, Android, desktops, laptops, handhelds, and tablets. FIPSlink has the widest operating system and hardware platform support of any registration & validation system. Need it to work offline and then synch? Need it to send an access request to PACS?  Need it to work on Wifi, Cellular, or charge and sync via a dock?  Need it to validate visitor smartcards? No problem. We do all of that and more. 
  • Integration and Customization: Identity One FIPSlink is integration ready using the latest REST based technologies and our engineers can customize screens and workflows to meet exact department needs.

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