Increase gate security without increasing staff and staff budget

December 12, 2022 – From the desk of Trent White.

As a port/terminal operator, how do I increase #TWIC security at my gates without increasing staff? It’s a question we have been asked more than once. If you are currently using visual only inspection the number of guards is directly linked to the number of gates and throughput at the those gates. #IdentityOne and #Genetec now have a solution. FIPSlink can remotely validate the TWIC and the cardholder at a gate. FIPSlink then relays the validation result to Security Center for an access granted/denied response at the gate. The operator has now increased their security without further burdening their staff or staffing budget.

Remote TWIC Validation/Registration is the newest feature in FIPSlink. Facilities are trying to find a way to increase security from a visual inspection of a TWIC by a guard that is handling multiple gates without increasing the number of guards or having everyone accessing the facility visit the security office to register their TWIC into Security Center. Identity One can now solve that issue with this new feature in FIPSlink. Guards are alerted only when an expired, cancelled or tampered TWIC card is read. The guard(s) now focus only on those who were denied access allowing others who were granted access to move on through the facility.

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