Frictionless CAC, PIV, PIV-I & TWIC gets even better with the release of FIPSlink 2024.2.0

February 14, 2024 – From the desk of Andrew Mahon.

FIPSlink now enables users of the IDEMIA VisionPass or MorphoWave series of contactless biometric readers with an additional choice of how they are integrated within your facility’s Physical Access Control System.

FIPSlink 2024.2.0 introduces support for reading and outputting the FASC-N encoded on FIPS 201 credentials (CAC/PIV/TWIC), in addition to the existing Card Serial Number (CSN) read/output mode, when used with compatible IDEMIA hardware.

The new FASC-N mode can offer a streamlined configuration by allowing a single credential to be registered within the PACS and having a single Wiegand/OSDP configuration at the panel. IDEMIA VisionPass & MorphoWave contactless readers support both 75bit & 200bit FASC-N output when used with CAC, PIV or TWIC credentials. Utilize the same configuration with compatible HID or Veridt card reader(s) across the facility with best-in-class contactless biometrics from IDEMIA.

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