FIPSlink integrates next generation IDEMIA MorphoSmart Fingerprint range

January 12, 2023 – From the desk of Andrew Mahon.

Identity One continues to innovate our FIPSlink product with new hardware & technology included in our end-of-year update including support for IDEMIA’s latest contact fingerprint readers.  The newly supported readers include MorphoSmart 330, MorphoSmart 1300 e3 and MorphoSmart 1350 e3. The marquee feature of the new MSO 330 is an increased capture area (FAP30).  

The new MorphoSmart technology stack is being leveraged by our development team to prototype a new browser-based User Experience (UX) for FIPSlink clients that allows for fingerprint verification via IDEMIA MorphoSmart USB fingerprint readers directly from the browser.  While browser-based applications are nothing new in our industry, hardware dependencies like USB fingerprint readers have made making certain workflows impossible without deploying software to the end-user’s workstations, adding increased cost & complexity for installers & IT administrators alike. Our new browser based UX will bring next level convenience & integration opportunities to our end-users and partners, and we look forward to sharing more early in 2023!

Read more about the new MSO 330/331 here: MSO 330 Series, readers for fingerprint enrollment | IDEMIA

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