FIPSlink Mobile Validation

FIPSlink Mobile Validation is an Android based solution for three-factor authentication, verifying FIPS 201 credential data and matching a live biometric  against the templates stored on the card. Digital certificates are verified against the issuer’s validation authority, SCVP or OCSP responder. All cards are validated using FIPS 201 challenge-response (CAK or PAK) in order to identify forged or cloned cards. Works with all PIV, PIV-I, TWIC, CAC, and FRAC cards. The results of Validation are logged in FIPSlink and can be logged (via FIPSlink Server) into compatible PACS. PACS can also be queried to provide access granted or access denied output that is then displayed within the FIPSlink Validation Client.


  • Integrated with industry leading Access Control Systems: AMAG Symmetry, Honeywell Pro-Watch, Lenel OnGuard, Genetec Security Center, System Galaxy
  • Supported Android Devices: Coppernic C -One E-ID2, CredenceID CID2, CredenceID Tab, IDEMIA ID Screen.