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MorphoAccess or BioScrypt

The decision between MorphoAccess Family and BioScrypt Family readers can be complicated and time consuming. Below are resources to assist in deciding between the two reader families.

Feature Comparison Guide
MorphoAccess BioScrypt
1:Many Matching Yes No*
1:1 Matching Yes Yes
NIST FRR/FAR Performance Ranking Number 1 Not ranked and/or below top 10
MiFare Classic & MiFare Desfire Yes Yes
HID iClass No Yes
125Mhz Proximity No Yes
Power Over Ethernet All Select models
RS 485 Only for SendID Yes
Template Format Minutia Minutia and pattern
PC Based Enrollment Yes No

Accurate as of May 31st 2013.

*MorphoTrak recommends that BioScrypt Family readers should not be used for 1:Many

Decision Flow Charts

New Sites Decision Flow Charts

For new sites use the decision flow chart below to select between MorphoAccess or BioScrypt.


Accurate as of May 31st 2013.