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AMAG Symmetry
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MorphoAccess Finger VP

Use BioManager for seamless integration between AMAG Symmetry and Morpho finger vein biometric, Morpho fingerprint biometrics and Morpho 3D face biometrics. BioManager creates a single data view including biometric enrollments for fingerprint, finger-vein and 3D face.

Integration Highlights:
  • Easily search for users and complete a biometric enrollment
  • Details are automatically shared and updated between systems
  • No duplicate cardholder\user data entry - only one system to administer
Required Connection Information:
  • AMAG Symmetry Server Name
  • AMAG Symmetry Administrative Username
  • AMAG Symmetry Administrative Password
AMAG Symmetry Integration Specific Notes:
  • AMAG Symmetry biometric integration provides the following functions:
  • Biometric enrollment using AMAG Symmetry as a data source
  • Automatic synchronization of user demographic changes
  • Automatic disabling/deletion of users
AMAG Symmetry Supported Versions:
  • Business
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Global
  • Homeland
AMAG Symmetry / BioManager Mappings:
  • AMAG Symmetry Card Holders map to BioManager Users
  • AMAG Symmetry Access Groups map to BioManager User Groups
  • AMAG Symmetry Customer Codes map to BioManager Wiegand Profiles
  • BioManager Users Display Identifier is named “Card holder ID”
Supported Biometric Hardware:
3dfacereader 3dfacereader Morpho 3D Face Reader
3dfacereader 3dfacereader MorphoAccess 100 (MA 100)
(End of life. Replaced by MA J-Bio)

MorphoAccess 120 (MA 120)
(End of life. Replaced by MA J-Dual)
3dfacereader 3dfacereader MorphoAccess J-Bio (MA J-Bio)
MorphoAccess J-Dual (MA J-Dual)
3dfacereader 3dfacereader
MorphoAccess 500 (MA 500)
(End of life. Replaced by MA 500+)

MorphoAccess 520 (MA 520)
(End of life. Replaced by MA 520+D)

MorphoAccess 521 (MA 521)
(End of life. Replaced by MA 521+D)

3dfacereader 3dfacereader MorphoAccess 500+ (MA 500+)
MorphoAccess 520+D (MA 520+D)
MorphoAccess 521+D (MA 521+D)
3dfacereader 3dfacereader Outdoor MorphoAccess 520+D (OMA 520+D)
Outdoor MorphoAccess 521+D (OMA 521+D)
3dfacereader 3dfacereader MorphoAccess VP-Bio (MA VP-Bio)
3dfacereader 3dfacereader MorphoAccess VP-Dual (MA VP-Dual)
Supported BioManager Software: